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Estonians are one of the longest-settled European peoples and have lived along the Baltic Sea for over 5,000 years. The Estonians were an independent nation until the 13th century A.D. The country was then subsequently conquered by Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and finally Russia, whose defeat of Sweden in 1721 resulted in the Uusikaupunki Peace Treaty, granting Russia rule over what became modern Estonia.

Independence remained out of reach for Estonia until the collapse of the Russian empire during World War I. Estonia declared itself an independent democratic republic in November 1918. In 1920, by the Peace Treaty of Tartu, Soviet Russia recognized Estonia's independence and renounced in perpetuity all rights to its territory.

The first constitution of the Republic of Estonia was adopted in 1920 and established a parliamentary form of government. Estonia's independence would last for 22 years, during which time Estonia guaranteed cultural autonomy to all minorities, including its small Jewish population, an act that was unique in Western Europe at the time.





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I have never had any illusions about becoming famous with my modest literary talent. Far from this! All of this  activity has been limited to obligatory essays at school. But one day you might get an idea like many other people of putting down something about your bygone life. Not that anyone could gain wisdom or learn anything. This is not my purpose at all. Every human being himself, starts with his own wisdom and  his strength. Some old wise man has said: advice is not a gift, but an obligation of older people. What kind of advice could I offer? Or even more: who are those, who need my advise. One can rarely learn from another`s errors. Most of all our own errors are what become the stairs to human life. The only thing, a human can do, is to take care, that those stairs will not become too high. On the next pages I`ll try to give a short overview of my life. Let everyone decides for themselves if my stairs have been too high or too low.


I have had an ordinary life, like thousands before me and after me. Nothing special. There has been no excitement in my life. But  this is like the life of every human being. Life with its joys and sorrows, realization and failures, findings and losses. Like everyone, I have had great ambition in my youth,  great hopes to realize something undiscovered or important. I had a feeling, that in some way I was  special  from the others. But life  has made its own corrections and despite all of my  wishes, the course of my life has been smooth. Maybe it is even better that way. All big attainments fall into obscurity in the course of time and no one remembers the fame of a anyone after years gone by. No drop of water in the sea is more important than another, but still  together they make a big ocean. I would like my life be a small part of  what has happened in this big world of ours. 


My given name is Heinar. My mother found my first name from a Swedish novel, my last name I  got from my ancestors in Viljandimaa, Estonia, where my father`s  family was from. I was born on 18-th of September 1939 in a small town Rakvere, Estonia. I was an only child. Imminent years of war coming ,my parents chose not to extend our family.

Like all people I have seen good times and bad times in my life. Now, looking back at them, I realize, that maybe not all the times were so good as I thought nor the bad times quite so bad.  With my family, being just my wife Juta and myself  we have been living in harmony and have managed  everything we have experienced. Many times I have given thanks to the destiny for my loving and caring wife, who has helped me to make my way through this life. I hope I have offered her even a little of the same kind of help, support and love she has given me.

Dear reader! Please be patient reading this and do not judge too severely, if all this seems to be meaningless to you.

Yours truly



Tallinn, Estonia





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